It comes from an artistic family, his grandfather Mariano Mores, is one of the most important composers in the history of Tango, and his parents NITO y CLAUDIA MORES excellent Argentine interpreters of popular song.


Musician, singer, composer, arranger, music producer, are some of the conditions that GABRIEL MORES meets in his career, with his charisma and talent recognized by the public and colleagues.


His musical studies began with William Iscla and Haydee Gerardi Teachers. Then he would perfect in harmony, composition, counterpoint and orchestral instrumentation.   


His professional career began at age 17 as a musician in the orchestra of his grandfather, then also debut as a singer.


Along with Mariano Mores Orchestra has toured and performed in the United States, Spain, France, England, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, Mexico and Latin America, in the most important.

In February 2012, on the occasion of the farewell to the stages of maestro MARIANO MORES, gives Gabriel Mores the baton of his great Orquesta Lírica Popular, becoming his musical heir.


In 2013 GABRIEL MORES began his solo career, performing at the ND / Teatro with his show "Todo en Uno", together with his sextet and 6 dancers.                              

2005  he  was  elected  by  the  Argentine  filmmaker  Eliseo Subiela  to compose the original music to the film "Lifting de Corazón" (Heartlift) a co-production Argentine-Spanish.                              

Among his musical compositions include "Two" dedicated to his grandfather and performed by the Symphony Orchestra of Florida in Miami,  and  the  British Orchestra  at  the Royal Festival Hall in London.


1996 he was called as an actor for the film "Adiós Abuelo" with singer JAIRO.


1997 he won first prize at the International Festival of Song Interpreter, "FESTIBUGA" - Colombia. That same year with his song "La Vida" won an award at the Festival OTI of the song.

His first song "The wings of my voice" was recorded by the famous artist Estela Raval.

In 2014 and for three years he was chosen to write the arrangements and play the piano at the opening of the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame Gala "LA MUSA AWARDS", with a Medley dedicated to the great songs of posthumous composers, as "El Jibarito", "Thanks to life", "La malagueña", "Garota de ipanema", "Granada" and "The day you love me" that was played by Diego Torres.

In 2015 he composed the original music of the play "Historias de Divan" based on the best seller (Histories of divan) of the prestigious psychoanalyst Gabriel Rolón, with a great success of public and criticism, work that continues on the poster with an extraordinary success of the public. 

In August 2015 he performs a special concert at the mythical Colon Theater in Buenos Aires in homage to all the musical work of his grandfather (Mariano Mores), together with the 50 musicians of the Popular Lyric Orchestra that his grandfather created in the 50s.

On May 14, 2016, he gives a concert with the Popular Lyric Orchestra in the CCK Symphonic Hall one month after the death of his grandfather Mariano Mores.

April 2017, the play "El Amor y las Pasiones" by Gabriel Rolon and Cynthia Wila was premiered, with original music by Gabriel Mores & Gabriel Rolon. In 2018 he composes the original music of the Work   "El Lado B del amor".

In February 2018 he gives a concert in the symphonic hall of the Kirchner Cultural Center together with the Orquesta Lirica Popular at the centenary of the birth of Mariano Mores, a concert with the Popular Lyric Orchestra in the symphony hall of the Cultural Center Kirchner CCK, full of fans who cheered him standing.

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On March 18 he performs with the Miami Symphony Orchestra conducted by maestro Eduardo Marturet at the Adrianne Arsht Center in the city of Miami

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In April 2018, "CARNE FRESCA", a theatrical work written and directed by Eduardo H. Román with original music by Gabriel Mores, premiered at the Bellas Artes theater in the city of Miami.

In June 2018 he is distinguished as a MEMBER OF HONOR of the International Council of All Arts (IAC) - International Art Council (IAC) - United Nations of Arts - UNESCO, as an outstanding national and international artistic personality representing ARGENTINA (BUENOS AIRES)

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In August 2018 he performs at the LUNA PARK Stadium with his Orchestra, in the final of the 2018 World Tango Championship held in Buenos Aires.

In 2020, "MORES PROJECT" It was conceived by its promoter Gabriel Mores to present the Argentine tango through versions for symphonic orchestra to the new generations of musicians and audiences of the most diverse countries.
The project is based on the works of Mariano Mores, one of the most important tango composers in Argentina and a pioneer in performing Symphonic Tango.
Gabriel Mores has done a meticulous  work of restoration and digitization of the original arrangements that his grandfather played. These scores are ready to be discovered or re-discovered by symphony orchestras (youth and professional) and audiences around the world.) visit


In 2021 Gabriel Mores composed the music for "All about Callas" The musical, with a script and songs written by the playwright Eduardo H. Roman.
A drama based on the life of the famous soprano Maria Callas, a large-scale musical, coming very soon.  


Gabriel Mores - Musical All About Callas - composer

In 2022 Gabriel Mores compose the original music for the theater play "Palabra plena" written and starring Gabriel Rolón and Carlos Nieto.